Sunday, July 1, 2012

SOLVED : Problem with VLC 2.0.1 remote http interface + android remote control

First enable http interface in VLC as shown below by checking Web. It's under Tools -> Preferences. Make sure you hit save afterwards.

Maybe it’s just my installation of the new version of VLC but it seems that the default directory for the http interface files is wrong. Here’s what the VLC 2.0.1 shows as the default:

Here’s what the actual VLC folder shows (pic below). As you can see, the http folder is not in this directory:

It's actually located in the lua folder

I tried changing the directory in vlc's settings but it didn’t work so I simply just copied the http folder (right) to the main VLC directory(Ieft) :

Restart vlc if it's open. Do a quick test to see if things are good. Open a web browser and type in http://localhost:8080 it should look something like this (below)

Then edit the host files in your newly copied http folder

Delete the # before in “#” to let devices on your home network (like android on wifi) and save as all files. Or to be more secure you can add specific entries like (without the # in front) which is my android’s ip address on my home network.

Restart vlc and use any device that you enabled in the host file to control vlc using it's http web interface.

Hope this helps!